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Minister, doula, wife, and grandmother.

Reverend Cheryl is a native Oregonian, living in the verdant Willamette Valley and the mountainous beauty of the Santiam Canyon.


Cheryl received her ministerial license in the year 2000 while she was still working as a state agency CEO in the field of travel and tourism. Because she was passionate about this calling, she spent many years burning the midnight oil to claim the title of minister.  

She has taught spiritual classes and has performed ceremonies that meet the needs of her clients at the heart level. Whether it be a wedding in a ballroom for 200 people, or a small celebration of life that honors the beloved who has passed with an intimate ceremony of remembrance, she is devoted to ensuring that the words and the ritual include meaningful passages so that all who gather experience the joyful connection that is happening.

After receiving training as an end-of-life doula, Cheryl also works closely with a person preparing to leave the world and their family to create a final legacy and vigil.

Cheryl has been married for thirty-six years to Frank. She has one daughter and two stepdaughters, a lot of grandchildren, and a magical great-grandson named Jack. She counts herself as extremely blessed.

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